Smoked Meat Selections for Everyday or Special Occasions


Our old-fashioned neighborhood meat market has been favored and enjoyed by many since our beginnings in 1955.

Among our customer favorites are the unique quality and flavorful smoked meat products with a variety that includes something for everyday or special occasions to please nearly everyone:

  • Game hens
  • Beef neck bones
  • Turkey drumsticks
  • Pork hocks
  • Pig ears
  • Ham bones
  • Pork skins
  • Pork neck bones
  • Whole turkey (pre-order)
  • Smoked turkey wings
  • Turkey tails
  • Beef leg bones
  • Pig tails
  • Pork chops
  • Pork jowls

These selections hold an important place in the kitchens of our regulars.  If you have never tried any of these fine choices, you can find out what makes them so special by chewing on a piece and enjoying the characteristically delicious smoky flavor and juices.

Call or stop by AA Meats to select a very special product from our wide variety for your next family get-together or special occasion.

Smoked Turkey Wings, Tails, Necks & Drumsticks


When you visit our neighborhood meat market, you will have an opportunity to see and hear firsthand what makes our smoked-to-perfection selection of meats and poultry a family-favorite!

Cured with an incredible recipe, our smoked turkey wings, tails, necks and drumsticks are seasoned with a remarkable flavor from the first to last bite!

The word has spread far and wide that this meat market is not only historic, but that we are dedicated to offering top quality fresh products that deliver a perfect balance of texture and flavor.

A few favorite recipes for our turkey selections are:

  • Great soul food like southern collard greens with a leg or wings
  • Southern black-eyed peas with wings or tails
  • Tender-as-they-come smothered baked wings, drumsticks and necks
  • Black bean soup
  • Ham and bean soup

There is nothing that brings family members to the table faster than the smell of savory smoked meat.  Visit our meat market to join others in sharing recipes and cooking recommendations while deciding on a selection!

Why Come to Us for Smoked Meat Products?


Simply stated, we offer some of the finest and most flavorful smoked meat for sale in our historic old-fashioned meat market.     

These are a few reasons to come to us:

  • We offer something for everyone
  • Our selection-favorite appetizers, chops for dinner parties, and pig ears for the brave
  • Remarkable flavor, smell and taste of our selections
  • Our knowledge, ability to make recommendations, and desire to share recipe tips
  • Broad selection with quality being the dominating factor
  • Fair prices
  • Great personal service
  • Products gently cured, carefully trimmed and smoked to perfection

Call AA Meats or stop by to make a selection that will provide the home-cooked meal your family and friends have grown to love!  253-588-7979