Pigs Feet Available at Your Local Meat Shop


While we don’t go back quite that far, history tells us that Columbus brought eight pigs here to the New World on his second trip in 1493.

However, we are your trusted source for cuts and parts that make up the “whole animal”!  As your full-service local meat shop, not only will you find the traditional fresh cuts of beef, pork, chicken, turkey, veal and lamb, but the unusual as well.

Yes, we’re talking about pigs feet (also called trotters) stew or soup, pickled in a jar, or even jelly!  For some of our long-term customers from way back, shopping at our market for pig ears, blood or feet brings results they will not likely find in a local grocery store.  We look forward to their visit and serving them as much as they enjoy sharing recipes and stories with our staff!

They are generally found in ethnic markets where they may be packed in foam trays, or displayed whole unlike our fresh products on display.  We can help new customers learn more about:

  • Buying trotters – whole or uncut
  • Preparing them in the European method of heavily salting, or our fresh American style
  • Cooking – some prefer frying or broiling prior to simmering and boning
  • Health and nutrition – low in fat and very high in protein

Come into AA Meats to start a great dialogue with our staff members!

Fresh Pig Ears for Sale


This is considered by many to be the best part of the pig that is most often overlooked!

While it may be an acquired taste, we have customers who visit our local neighborhood meat market on a regular basis in anticipation of preparing their favorite pig ears recipe.

Another favorite of those customers who rely on our meat market for unusual or specialty products is pig blood for sausage or pudding.

From top to bottom, everything is useful.  We make every effort to have our pork offal products available for those who rely on us for their neighborhood favorites.  And our expert staff can readily respond to questions regarding:

  • Favorite uses of our pork offal products
  • Recommendations for proper preparation
  • How to make use of the gelatinous stock from well-stewed trotters
  • Nutritional values

If you are new to the area, make plans to visit us.  We enjoy every opportunity to share information with our customers, and to discover new ways of using our unique pork offal products!

Pig Blood and Other Specialty Pork Products


Our philosophy is that nearly the entire animal is good, from nose-to-tail and down to the trotters!

Because our customers cover a broad range of cultures, the end-use of our specialty products or pork offal varies.  But there is no question that our customers are demanding when it comes to availability of their favorite products in our meat market, such as:

  • Pig feet
  • Liver
  • Stomachs
  • Snouts
  • Brains
  • Hocks
  • 5-lb. or 10-lb. Cleaned chitterlings
  • Hot casings
  • Cracklins
  • Kidneys
  • Tails
  • Ears
  • Heads
  • Cooked chitterlings
  • Scrapple
  • Fresh skins (no fat)
  • Pig Blood

Call or stop by AA Meats to discover the range of products from fresh cuts to offal products, and learn what may become your new all-time favorite recipe!  253-588-7979