Beef Jerky Varieties to Please Any Jerky Lover


We know that beef jerky is a power snack for guys – but meat snack customers in our old-fashioned neighborhood market are gender and age inclusive, including kids, millennials, seniors and all ages in between!

Why are we lovers of these incredible meat snacks that also include elk, Maui pork, or turkey jerky?

  • Very fulfilling
  • Lightweight, nutritional hiking and biking food 
  • Highly portable over long distances
  • Protein-based, less-processed and all-natural
  • Great variety of flavors

When you shop for pepperoni and other meat snacks at our local meat market, you are no longer relegated to the high-sodium, nitrate-rich processed snacks that are normally found in convenience stores and many supermarkets.  Our customers expect and receive more healthful offerings.

Call or visit AA Meats and join the trend for meat snacks that are more healthful, natural and rich in protein!

Pepperoni Selections for Cooking or Snacking?


Whether you prefer “bites” sticks, or tasty pepperoni chicken dishes, we carry variations of the product in our neighborhood meat market.

There is a high demand for our broad selection of turkey and beef jerky, as well as uses for pepperoni other than pizza, such as low-carb snacks and variations for tasty chicken recipes, sandwiches, and salads that are zesty and so flavorful:

  • Teriyaki
  • Beef
  • Buffalo
  • All-beef
  • Jalapeno
  • Hot or mild
  • Chicken
  • Elk
  • Landjaeger

Visit AA Meats the next time you are planning to fill your backpack with ready-to-eat, lightweight meat snacks for a biking, hiking, fishing, hunting or long sightseeing road trip!

Beef, Chicken, Turkey Jerky and More!


The best answer for those asking where can you buy turkey jerky for snacking, we have the perfect answer!

Our local neighborhood market carries a wide variety of flavored pepperoni meat snacks, as well as the following jerky selections:

  • Regular beef
  • Turkey
  • Maui pork
  • Hot beef
  • Elk
  • Extra-seasoned beef
  • Chicken
  • Teriyaki beef
  • Sweet and spicy beef
  • Bourbon beef

Our protein-rich meat snacks, including pepperoni flavored sausage, are experiencing a major market resurgence and gain in popularity because they are natural, lightweight, nutritional, flavorful and seasoned to perfection! 

Millennials, in particular, are looking for healthy options such as chicken, turkey or elk in a variety of flavors that is contributing to an increased trend toward easy, portable meat snacks.

Call AA Meats – or better yet, stop in for a firsthand look at our incredible selection and variety of products, and to meet our engaging staff behind the display cases!  253-588-7979