Bratwurst is Available at Neighborhood Meat Shop!


As an old-fashioned neighborhood meat shop, we offer top-quality fresh cut meats, the finest poultry, seafood, cheese, exotic meats and processed meats like our stuffed pork chops and potato sausage, and, of course, great dialogue with our customers!

Popularized in baseball stadiums across the U.S. in the 1950’s, and one of the neighborhood favorites usually in demand for weekend backyard get-togethers is grilling bratwurst sausage.

We offer the most popular brats in America – the ones made from fine-ground pork and seasoned to perfection!

Why choose us? 

  • Our faithful customers love our wide variety of processed pork products
  • Great choices at great prices
  • Our products are fresh – not pre-packaged in foam trays like the local grocery store
  • A knowledgeable staff behind the display cases to assist in making the best selection
  • Special orders are welcome!

Call AA Meats or visit our old-fashioned local walk-in meat market that has served this neighborhood with top quality products like our bratwurst, popular stuffed pork chops and potato sausage since 1955!

Stuffed Pork Chops and Other Processed Pork Products


Looking for information on how to cook stuffed pork chops?

Visit our local neighborhood meat market and ask one of our expert staff members that question.  We have many trusted, select recipes to share with you for special dinner parties with friends or holiday meals.

But more importantly, we start with:

  • The freshest, high-quality, premier pork
  • The finest pork with a reputation for tenderness, juiciness and rich flavor
  • Meticulous cuts
  • Excellent seasoning
  • Just the right thickness
  • Stuffing that complements the pork

If your holiday guests are planning to stay the night, consider using our popular potato sausage in a frittata with a salad and bread as a menu for brunch!

Stop by to check our display cases for everything you need including bratwurst, stuffed pork chops, great-tasting bacon and much more.

Fresh Potato Sausage for Sale – Stop By Today!


In many communities, a traditional Swedish potato sausage is served at special holidays like Christmas or Easter.

While there are many variations of potato sausage, whether it has its origin in Germany, Sweden or Slovakia, we claim to have one of the finest versions, perfectly seasoned and in demand by our regulars.

It can be pan fried, baked or boiled and served in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Casserole
  • Soup
  • Hash
  • Egg breakfast casserole
  • Or stand-alone

You can find just about any type of processed pork product at our market, including Hemplers center-cut bacon, stuffed pork chops, Andouille sausage, Boudin, salt pork, or our wonderful bratwurst, and much more!

Call or stop by at AA Meats to try something new and different when entertaining your weekend guests!  And remember to ask for a stuffed pork chops recipe!  253-588-7979