A Great Selection of Exotic Meats


We are an old-fashioned local meat market with a solid reputation for top-quality fresh cuts of beef, poultry, pork, lamb and exotic meats for sale.

For some of our regular customers, buying alligator sausage, frog legs or ostrich patties is way out there!  For others, their sole reason for coming into our market regularly is to take advantage of these phenomenal products that are rarely, if ever, found in local supermarkets.

If you are searching for a local source to buy exotic meats, check out our selection:

  • Wild boar ribs, or ground
  • Kangaroo patties (3/1)
  • Elk ground
  • Ostrich ground
  • Venison (3/1), ground or flank steak
  • Alligator Andouille sausage
  • Frog legs
  • Kobe beef patties (3/1)
  • Elk patties (3/1)
  • Ostrich patties (3/1)
  • Alligator sirloin
  • Quail (6 in pkg)
  • Whole rabbit

Call AA Meats or stop in to see what makes our local meat market so unique!

Venison for Sale – Ground, Steaks & Patties


If you have not tried venison recipes for stew, meatloaf, flank steak, chili, or stew, you are missing out on nutrient-rich food that has been part of our nation’s diet since the early days of the Pilgrims!

Listed among our exotic meats, and most frequently associated with deer, the descriptive term also includes the meat from antelope, caribou, moose, elk and reindeer.

It is a lean, dense meat that offers nutritional benefits such as:

  • Protein-rich with low saturated fat
  • Low in calories
  • Great source of B vitamins
  • Source of iron, selenium, zinc and phosphorus
  • Naturally low in sodium

While you are checking our display cases for mild venison flank steaks, take a few minutes to review our entire selection of exotic meats, such as alligator sirloin wild boar ribs, frog legs or kangaroo patties. 

Having a Hard Time Finding Frog Legs?  Come to AA Meats!


While many people lean toward conventional meats like poultry, beef or pork, for those who are more creative and health conscious, we offer frog legs for sale!

Our customers have told us about incredible recipes like caramelized, fried, butter fragranced, breaded, and Cajun-style, to name a few.

Many of our exotic meats, including venison contain macronutrients.  These are a few benefits of eating frog legs:

  • Very low in fat
  • Protein-rich
  • Full of vitamin A, B 6 and 12, D, F and slight amounts of K
  • Mineral-rich, including lots of potassium, copper, selenium, iron, zinc and phosphorus
  • Source of omega-3 fatty acids that contribute to heart and brain health

When purchasing exotic meats from our market, such as venison and others, you are getting them from a trusted source in which animals have been fed a natural diet and raised in an environment free of toxicity.

Call AA Meats or stop by to visit with our knowledgeable staff that can guide you through the health and nutritional benefits of these creative meat products!  253-588-7979