A Large Variety of Pork Meat


We take great pride in the large variety and the type of pork meat available to customers that visit our neighborhood meat market.

You can choose fresh pork products from our display case, place a special order for your upcoming event, specify a choice among our many different bundles, or choose bulk purchases.

The following is representative of our top-quality fresh pork:

  • Baby back ribs
  • Shoulder roast
  • Country style ribs
  • Legs (order in advance)
  • Fresh hocks
  • Boneless chops
  • Shoulder steaks
  • Spare ribs
  • Bellie

Call or stop by AA Meats to learn more about our large variety of specific cuts and other choices from our knowledgeable staff behind the display cases!  253-588-7979

Pork Products for Sale at Your Local Meat Market


According to the United States Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service, Americans eat as much as fifty pounds of pork products annually.

We are an old-fashioned meat market around the corner that is proud to offer fresh products daily to our customers, unlike the mega stores or large grocery chains that offer pre-cut and pre-packaged products frequently shipped in from out-of-state.

In addition to its richly flavorful and juicy characteristics, when trimmed and served in moderately-sized portions there are nutritional and health benefits of eating pork meat, such as:

  • High in thiamin, zinc, iron
  • Low in salt
  • Rich in protein – contributing to the structure and maintenance of tissue
  • B vitamins – assist in metabolizing food into energy and creating normal red blood cells

Call for recommendations or stop by to visit with our knowledgeable staff behind the display cases. They can provide you with information about our high-quality cuts such as the center cut loin, pork butt, Boston butt, and our outstanding baby back ribs!

Fresh Pork for Special Occasions or Dinner Tonight!


One of the great advantages of buying fresh cut meats from your local neighborhood meat market is knowing you can get the exact cut and size that you need for your next special occasion or family dinner!

When you visit our meat market you will find a great variety of products that are rated #1 by consumers including specific cuts such as boneless chops or other options like our shoulder roast or spare ribs.

These are a few practical reasons to buy from our local meat market:

  • We can offer recommendations for special occasions or celebrations
  • Our ability to closely estimate quantity, size or weight of the meat product needed
  • Our expert staff can provide guidance and information on how to buy fresh pork
  • You can place an order for bulk, bundles or locker packs
  • Great prices
  • We offer old-fashioned counter services

Call or come in to AA Meats for your favorite meat products, or to try the unusual.  You can’t go wrong when you buy from us!  253-588-7979