Fresh Luncheon Meat Makes the Best Sandwiches!


Everyone looks forward to all-time favorite sandwiches made with the freshest and best luncheon meat from our neighborhood meat market!

A good sandwich of artisan bread, crisp lettuce, maybe a few slices of our healthiest deli cheese with impeccably piled slices of our deli meat – it practically melts in your mouth!

Also known as cold cuts, these are pre-cooked ready-to-serve on sandwiches and appetizers.

Why buy from our local meat market?

  • To receive the best cuts
  • Our knowledge is priceless
  • It’s freshly packaged
  • Availability of cuts you may not find at a mainstream grocer
  • Varieties that are worth your attention!

Call AA Meats or stop by to review the variety in our display cases.  If you see something you don’t recognize, ask one of our experts behind the display cases for details and a sample to taste!

A Great Selection of Deli Meat at Your Local Meat Market


There is certain pleasure in visiting our neighborhood meat market to get a firsthand look at the available types of deli meat, and maybe even a test sample!

We offer a rather unique shopping experience for customers seeking the finest high-quality meat products because we provide a personal touch in our service along with expert advice.

The following is a list of neighborhood favorites:

  • Chopped ham
  • Spiced ham (luncheon loaf)
  • Smoked turkey breast
  • Italian dry salami
  • Regular head cheese
  • Ham and cheese
  • Boneless ham
  • Cotto salami
  • Beef bologna
  • Hot head cheese

While some of our regulars rarely vary from their favorite boneless ham, others enjoy the adventure of trying something new and different.  And, of course, if what you are specifically looking for is not readily available, our expert staff behind the display cases can offer the perfect recommendation for a substitute.

We really believe a visit to our old-fashioned meat market is worth your time and attention!  Stop by to find out more about the delicious products that are favored by many.

Why Come to Us for Deli Cheese?


We are a neighborhood meat market serving this area since 1955 where you will find flavorful cuts of fresh meat, seafood, game, poultry, and exotic meats.

Having served this area for such a long period of time, our customers know that they will be helped in a timely manner, their order can be customized to their preference, they can ask for advice and recommendations, and they will receive engaging personal service by our knowledgeable staff.

We also have a variety of domestic deli cheese.  The items we have in our cases right now include:

  • Sharp cheddar
  • Pepper jack
  • Swiss American
  • Monterey Jack
  • American
  • Provolone

And as an old-fashioned meat market we also have luncheon meat that you enjoyed sampling as a child in your local neighborhood meat market.

Call AA Meats, or when you come to visit us, let our expert team behind the display cases know what you like to see or sample!  253-588-7979